Mika The Yellow Aussie

Mika is an AKC Registered Australian Shepherd who was born on April 27, 2013. She is a rare color called "Yellow", or "Blonde". She lives in central WV with her sisfur Kylie!


Generally I will post new pictures every day. Sometimes there's a lot, but sometimes there's only a few. Each picture is posted with the date it was taken on, and her age! Generally I won't upload anything more than a day late. C:

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We’ve moved to a new tumblr!


Just another post to hopefully catch any followers that haven’t liked the new page!




Woah! A huge resounding YES came from everyone on combining the girls’ tumblrs! I’ve created a new MAIN tumblr for them! I’ll be going through and re-following everyone on it shortly!

Thanks for all of the support guys, you’re awesome! C:

What do you guys think about me maybe combining both of their tumblrs? It’s kind of a lot of work to keep up both of them/reblog stuff for Kylie… And a lot of the time, I forget about hers completely. And I don’t really see the point in it. xD Sadly though, Mika’s stuff is all on my secondary account, and Kylie’s is my main account.

I’m not sure I’d like to START OVER on a new account, with their tumblrs combined, since I wouldn’t be able to take all of Mika’s photos. I have them all saved yes, but still I’m not sure. :C

We’d need a new URL, if so (both of theirs would be left as is, as sort of an archive). So I’d love to hear your feedback on it, whether it be yes/no on combining, creating a new account, or URL advice. It’s all appreciated. Feel free to reply/ask/fanmail. Advice?

2/8/2014 - 9 Months, 1 Week, 5 Days

Whether you believe me or not, this was after the camera was broken, Mika disciplined… It still takes photos fine, but expect to have a lot of top-right centered photos until the new camera comes in. xD

So this serves as proof that she’s not being tortured for her behavior. I hate leaving things on a sad note, but I’m also still super upset and every time I turn on the camera, it just makes it worse. :C

Also, Kylie’s sleep-sniffing Mika’s butt and I didn’t even notice. Oh well.

Thanks for sharing your bad-dog-destruction stories, guys. C: It’s good to know mine’s not the only one being a jerk.
2/8/2014 - 9 Months, 1 Week, 5 Days

See this? That’s a broken camera. The whole left side, and bottom right corner are black/white/messed up. The top right is visible. The screen is cracked in the bottom left from a tooth mark.

We weren’t even gone for an hour. They’ve been left out, alone, longer than that. She’s just been SO destructive this past week. 

1. A small plastic container. We didn’t even discipline her for that. We just walked in, it was in the middle of the floor, and she looked like the most guilty puppy ever. Every time we picked it up and showed it to her, she got really guilty and upset looking. She knew it was wrong.

2. Heating blanket power cord. She left it alone for weeks, and then suddenly she chewed the entire connection. It wasn’t even spliceable because she chewed the plug in. 

3. Camera. It was on my dresser/desk! Where it always sits! It’s above waist level, and the chairs weren’t even in front of it! It was on the bed next to the window when we walked in. We weren’t even gone an hour!

4. Boyfriend’s DS game case. FULL of 3DS/DS games. It was on the headboard, where we keep the games normally. What would posess her to take/play with either of these is BEYOND me. It wasn’t chewed, but it was on the floor, under the dresser. 

I even made SURE to give her some toys to play with! I spent a good few minutes before we left selecting toys for her. But still, she got into things. 

I’m just so upset with her right now. She’s never been like this. She was never a very destructive puppy, and I don’t know why she’s getting so bad recently…
2/6/2014 - 9 Months, 1 Week, 3 Days

Look, it’s almost Mika in plush form! :D It was a valentine’s day plush and it’s the closest I’ve seen to Mika. She does not approve.